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Quality data is essential for efficiency, streamlined productivity, and is crucial to success.

About Us

MetaDial call center

MetaDial was built for experts by the experts. We reverse engineered cold calling to offer the best value and ROI in the whole industry.

Our Services

- Data research
- market analysis
- appointment setting
- lead generation
- acquisitions
- disposition

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Our data team acquires and maintains high-quality data on potential property sellers and buyers using various online and offline sources such as public records, social media, and MLS listings.
Our appointment setters are skilled communicators who thrive in fast-paced environments. They build rapport and connections with prospects while scheduling appointments and nurturing leads.
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Our cold callers are professionals responsible for generating new business opportunities and ensuring that our clients receive the highest level of service.
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Our acquisition managers are key players in the sales process. They are responsible for managing the process of closing on new deals and leads for the business.
Our disposition managers play a crucial role in the journey of our clients' deals. Their primary responsibility is to find buyers for the deals in the company's sales funnel and work hard to make sure all deals get disposed.
Why Choose MetaDial?

We build and manage your sales/marketing pipeline from the ground up to best fit your needs and exceed your expectations, our goal is to simply skyrocket your business and get you to the next level of productivity, by providing the optimal service.

Our Value

Discover the advantages of having a virtual assistant for your business

Our Mission

We aim to become your gateway to financial independence, by re-engineering your sales pipeline and lead you to closing more deals.

Our Vision

To be the Pioneers in the call center field and be the evolution to lead generation process as we know it to day.


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CO-Founder - Head Of R&D / Data
CO-Founder - Head Of Acquisitions & Training
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Khaled Said
CO-Founder - Head Of Operations

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Professional Cold Caller
Client Success Manager
Quality Control Manager
Dialer With Rotating Number
CRM Setup
20+ WholesaleTraining & Sales
Lead Call Recording
Slack Channel Community
Pull Your First List
Weekly Office Hour
Wholesaling Microtribe
Acuisition LEAD
Acuisition Manager
Data Manager
Weekly List Healt Update
List Pull & Skiptracking [9K Record]
Data Management & Scrubbing
Two Professional Cold Caller

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